IICF Blazing the Trail Benefit 2020

IICF Blazing the Trail Benefit 2020

About This Event

Please join the IICF Midwest Division for a virtual fundraiser as we celebrate the IICF Midwest Division's ten trailblazing years of giving & inspiring hope. 

Hear from insurance industry CEO's about pressing issues during this unprecedented time while we honor our incredible nonprofit partners and individuals in the insurance industry who are blazing their own trail.  



March 4, 2021

From the comfort of your home


4:30–5 pm: Pre-show entertainment

5–6 pm: CEO Panel, Program & Entertainment

Your support of this event is vitally important to the communities we serve. Please consider a generous contribution to this event so we can continue to make an impact when it is needed most. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please click here. 

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Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

Event to Support Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) is a unique nonprofit that unites the collective strengths of the insurance industry to help communities and enrich lives through grants, volunteer service and leadership. Established in 1994, IICF has served as the philanthropic foundation of the insurance industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing $40 million in community grants along with 300,000 volunteer hours by more than 110,000 industry professionals.  IICF reinvests locally where funds are raised, serving hundreds of charities and nonprofit organizations, for maximum community impact. IICF is a registered nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Learn more at http://iicf.org or follow us on Twitter @doubleicf 


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The last 10 years...

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Celebrating 10 years of giving & inspiring hope

  • $3.35 million awarded in grants


  • Distributed 35,000 bilingual books to early learners


  • More than 12,000 volunteers providing 35,000 hours of service to IICF nonprofit partners

  • Grants and volunteer service have helped 190 nonprofits throughout the Midwestern states, supporting nonprofit focused on health, safety & education. 

Your contributions over the last 10 years have provided:

  • Clothing and food to millions

  • Preschool classrooms in underserved communities

  • Victims of abuse and violence with safety nets including housing, mentoring, career assistance and counseling

  • Programs for physically and mentally disabled individuals of all ages

  • Healthy food and wellness programs for underserved communities

  • Early literacy resources 

  • Programs to combat violence and providing educational/career resources to teenagers and young adults.  

And so much more…